Healthy Vending

Westman’s most sought-after healthy vending machines

You don’t always have to settle for traditional vending with our line of healthy vending machine items.

Today snacking is about more than a quick bite, but one that satisfies and supports a healthier lifestyle. Anera Vending has an extensive line of better-for-you snacks, food, and drink options to fit this health-focused movement in workplace snacking.

  • Healthy vending machines full of today’s most popular nutritious snacks
  • Alternative items include low sugar, all natural, organic, high protein, etc.
  • Modern equipment to deliver a superior healthy vending machine experience
  • Support healthy habits for strong workers, students, and visitors to your location.
  • As Members of CAMA Anera Vending follows the SmartPick program to offer consumers a healthier choice.

Healthy is no longer an option

Anera Vending works with Westman area schools to ensure students, faculty, and visitors have access to healthier options.

Expertise in deciphering and meeting the healthy school snacking standards relevant to Westman Schools.

Providing appropriate healthier snack, food, and drink options at all levels from pre-K to colleges and universities.

Tailoring the healthy vending machine snacks and drinks specifically to the preferences of your school location.

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